Ultraman Geed Solid Burning – Ultraman Seven & Leo Capsules

Solid Burning (ソリッドバーニング Soriddo Bāningu?) is Geed’s strength form which uses assets of Ultraseven and Ultraman Leo. This form debuts in episode 3.

In this form, Geed’s body is covered in vents through which he can either release steam, shoot fire or energy to boost his attacks.

Source: Ultra.Wikia.Com

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Ultraman Geed – Geed Riser

The Geed Riser (ジードライザー Jīdo Raizā?) is Ultraman Geed‘s transformation device. The user slides up the Ultra Capsules/Kaiju Capsules‘ switches before sliding them into the Loading Knuckle (装填ナックル Sōten Nakkuru?). Afterwards, the user slides the Loading Knuckle to the Geed Riser as they press the trigger, causing the DNA-themed cylinder to spin.

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